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Christmas Party Ideas for Kids

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Christmas party Themed Christmas Party Ideas

Have a cookie swap ask everyone to bring their favorite cookies and the recipe and trade cookies with everyone. This gives each child's family a nice assortment of cookies.

Go Christmas Caroling - Make sure everyone dresses appropriately. You may need to have a practice session or e-mail the words to selected songs and have the children learn them.

Make and decorate Christmas cookies supply cookie cutters, icing, candy, sprinkles, etc. and let the kids have at it.

Trim the tree party let everyone string popcorn and decorate your inside Christmas tree or let them decorate outside trees.

Christmas party

Watch holiday movies that are age appropriate. For example: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Santa Claus is coming to Town or Prancer etc.

Purchase foam kits. They have everything from make your own Christmas cards, to Christmas picture frames in all the Christmas characters.

Purchase or make your own ginger bread house. Supply icing, candy, cookies etc. and let kids decorate houses and take home.

Purchase small Christmas trees, garland or wreaths with or without lights. Decorate with candy, candy canes, bows, small ornaments, fake or dried flowers. Use hot glue to permanently secure decorations.

For a pungent smelling center piece let kids insert cloves into oranges, lemons, or grapefruits.

Decorate stockings or Christmas hats with, paint, glitter, buttons, small ornaments etc. Make or decorate ornaments. Fill clear glass ornaments with confetti or candy. Paint glass ornaments.

Purchase plain white or brown wrapping paper and paint, stamp or color for personalized wrapping paper.

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